Change of name for the BDTA

The British Dental Trade Association (BDTA) has announced it will be changing its name to the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA), effective from 1 January 2014.

As the UK’s largest and most authoritative industry body representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, services and technologies, the new name reflects a broadening of the Association’s member base in recent years. More than 20% of member companies are now involved in business, financial and publishing services.

The name change is part of a wider business plan recently ratified by the BDTA’s council, which is designed to ensure the Association is well positioned to meet the future business needs of its members and where appropriate, the industry as a whole.

The next five years will see the Association building upon the main services that members have identified as being of most value, namely: lobbying; statistics and information; exhibitions, training and opportunities for networking and partnerships.

The Association is a non-profit organisation run by its members for its members and any surplus funds generated from successful commercial ventures, such as Dental Showcase, are entirely used to support and promote the dental industry.

BDTA president Terry Porter comments: ‘The re-naming of the Association to the British Dental Industry Association is a milestone marking the change in membership that has taken place in recent years. There has been a widening of members interests beyond the trade that has seen it become much more representative of the dental industry as a whole.

‘Looking ahead, the Association’s strategy is clearly focused on developing and delivering those services that will be of greatest business benefit to our changing membership. In turn these will ensure member companies are even more relevant to the dental profession at a time when the industry is experiencing accelerated changes in a number of areas including regulation, economic conditions, technology, demographics, competition, government policy and globalisation.

‘Members of the BDIA will remain committed to providing high quality products and services so that member of the profession can be safe in the knowledge that they are buying from reputable companies who meet all the relevant legislative requirements.’

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