Measure this, measure that – is it really worth it?

Business measurement is a key skill for every practice manager and if you don't know a key performance indicator from a dashboard, then you cannot afford to miss this year's Practice Managers' Conference in Scotland.

Taking place on 15 November at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh, the day offers a packed line-up of expert speakers covering a range of topics and featuring amongst others Nigel Jones, Sales Director at Practice Plan. Nigel's presentation 'Measure for measure' will give you an insight into the skills and techniques you need to measure the success of your dental practice.

Here, Nigel introduces the topic of business measurement and gives you a taster of what is in store!

'There are increasing signs that we are perhaps seeing the start of the eagerly anticipated (and some would say overdue) economic recovery. This will be good news for business everywhere including dental practices, many of whom have seen the impact of wage freezes and job insecurity impact on patient attendance and treatment plan acceptance. Running a dental practice successfully in such an environment has been very tough but for some, it has been the catalyst for becoming more business savvy with the introduction of tighter control over important business activities through the use of key performance indicators and dashboards.

Measurement is nothing new in dentistry as it underpins the achievement of successful clinical outcomes but applying the same rigour to the business aspects of dentistry is often neglected. It was Mark Twain that popularised  the phrase, 'lies, damned lies and statistics' and it’s a useful reminder of the need for care to be taken to ensure the right data about the right things is being collected in the right way. 

We all know there are many ways to present data, however, do we all know which methods to undertake to present it in such a way that it enables us to make clear, informed decisions about practice management issues?

Imbedding such an approach into the practice so that it becomes a routine part of daily practice life is not without its challenges and there is always the risk that after an initial burst of enthusiasm, measurement systems fall into disrepair and cease to add any value. However, engaging the whole team and looking at ways to make a measurement culture a way of life, such as monthly management meetings involving all or at least some of the wider practice team to discuss and review current key performance indicators, is a great start!'

To hear more of Nigel's hints, tips and suggestions on business measurement, including when and how to do it, secure your place today!

Places are just £160 for non-members, with Practice Plan and Medenta members receiving a discounted rate of £120. To book your place at the Practice Managers' Conference in Scotland, visit or for further information call 0845 003 0048.


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