FGDP(UK) to face changes

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) has received the backing of its members to move ahead with proposals to modernise the way the organisation is governed.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting held last month, members voted unanimously in support of a series of changes which will strengthen the link between the Board and the essential work done at a local level across the UK through the Faculty’s divisions.
The FGDP(UK)’s governance structure has remained the same since the Faculty was established in 1992.

The changes agreed will build on existing collaborations between neighbouring FGDP(UK) divisions to see some forming regional constituencies, while the existing 29 divisional and national seats on the Faculty Board will be replaced by 14 regional seats.

New regulations will safeguard the absolute impartiality of the Board, and the introduction of a maximum term of office will help to ensure that the Faculty benefits from fresh blood and new ideas going forward.
Commenting after the EGM, Trevor Ferguson, dean of the FGDP(UK), said: 'We are very pleased indeed to have the backing of our membership on these proposals. The work of the local divisions is widely considered to be among the key strengths of the FGDP(UK) – these changes will see a structure of governance that preserves this strength, while ensuring a modern and effective decision-making process. This vote is one of confidence in the future of the Faculty.'
Other changes will see FGDP(UK) committees include co-opted members, in addition to Board members. Also, Faculty elections will move from ‘first past the post’ to a system of single transferable vote, with elections to the new Board due to take place in January 2014.

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