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Practice manager and consultant Michael Bentley will be speaking at Practice Plan’s Business of Dentistry event ‘The Perfect Patient Journey’ in West Sussex on 26 September and Manchester on 24 October.
He will be joining leading dental consultant Sheila Scott for the two events that will focus on how you can provide patients with the ultimate dental experience, helping you to maximise patient retention and boost referrals to attract new patients.

Michael has more than 15 years’ experience working as a practice manager and treatment co-ordinator. He will be presenting the afternoon session where his daily role as a treatment coordinator will really come into play, including demonstrating how to integrate high-value treatments into a health-focused practice.

We asked Michael a few probing questions to get to know the real person and see what nuggets of information he is preparing to share at the events.

How do you think people who know you would describe you?
A very optimistic, passionate, theatrical person. A proactive person who loves communication and sharing knowledge with others. I am a forward planner, deep thinker and although I have a happy-go-lucky personality I am not scared to pull a few punches and get down to serious business!

For those who may not have previously seen you in action, describe your presenting style in four words.
Theatrical, engaging, knowledgeable and energetic!

What will you be presenting about?
Introducing treatment coordination into your dental practice starting with a basic understanding of what is a treatment coordinator (TCO). For the first time, I am going to share how I treatment coordinate and how you can decide who would best suit being a TCO in your practice. Spending time with patients is key and I will be explaining the power and the benefits of this to ensure clear understanding and trust between you and the patient. I will also explain how best to slot a TCO into the daily running of your practice for both new and existing patients.

From your experience in the dental industry, what are the key skills needed for the role of a TCO?
The TCO role is complex and is a very unique role in a dental practice. Communication, proactivity and relationship building are all key skills of a great TCO.

What is your one piece of advice to other practice managers/TCOs?
Time management and vision planning is the key to success.

When you’re not busy presenting, where would we find you?
You will find me performing on a stage! As a trained singer and actor I have been involved in musical theatre for 20 years. You can also find me on the tennis court practising my backhand or planning my next holiday! Holidays are a must for me and I always have the next one booked well in advance.   

To book your place and see Michael and Sheila in action on ‘The Perfect Patient Journey’, visit or call 0845 003 0048.


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