Scaling new heights

Hygienist Morag Powell – and an award-winning practice team

The hygiene and therapy team at Fergus & Glover decided to enter the DH&T awards for the best preventive practice when the awards were announced.  We felt that as a team, we wanted to be recognised for all of the hard work that we were putting into the hygiene programme at Fergus & Glover.  The practice had won numerous awards over the years for Best Team, Best Practice and Best Employer, but there had never previously been an award that recognised the contribution that the hygiene and therapy team make towards a successful practice.


The Fergus & Glover hygiene journey

At the end of 2007, Fergus & Glover started on the journey of fully comprehensive care.  Prior to this, we had been a Denplan practice where hygienist appointments were a standard 20 minutes. The equipment in the surgeries included old bobcat scalers with some scaling instruments, and treatment by the hygienist could be classed as a ‘scale and polish’. With the introduction of fully comprehensive care, all hygienist appointments became a full hour in length. Care of the patient’s periodontal health was completely transformed. A hygiene protocol was introduced to standardise treatments. All patients referred to the hygiene and therapy department first undergo an initial hygiene periodontal assessment, followed by a treatment phase, and then a review of treatment. In order to be able to deliver this, significant investment was made into the hygiene and therapy department. The practice invested in Cavitron plus sps machines, with full ranges of tips for each clinician, EMS Air flows, EMS Perio Flow, clinical cameras/intra oral cameras, and iPads for patient education. Comprehensive ranges of instruments for each clinician were ordered: full sets of graceys, langers, advanced periodontal instruments (extended shank graceys, periodontal files, furcation files), composite instruments and sharpening systems, allowing the team to treat periodontal, restorative and aesthetic problems effectively. The hygiene programme now complements the well-established, first-class dentistry on offer at Fergus & Glover who now offer a truly comprehensive oral care programme. Team members actively liaise with dentists to provide patients with the best possible treatment, ideal and alternatives, without compromising the fundamentals of good oral health care.

Standards of care

At Fergus & Glover, we are very fortunate with the standards of care that we are able to offer. All protocols are based on current research, all equipment is

up-to-date, and continual professional development is encouraged in all team members, enabling us to provide the latest, innovative oral care to patients.

The initial periodontal assessment incorporates a fully comprehensive review of the patient’s current medical, dental and social history. An oral cancer screening is carried out, 6ppc charts along with plaque and bleeding scores are recorded. Systemic links to periodontal disease are always explained and discussed with patients, and corroborating literature given to each patient. A review of the patient’s homecare is carried out, and any necessary behavioural change and motivation is given. Goals are set at this appointment for the plaque and bleeding levels that the clinician feels appropriate for the next appointment, always keeping in mind that these must be achievable so they can be used to motivate patient.

Winning the award

Winning the award was a very proud moment for every member of the practice team. It acknowledged the exceptional standards of care that we offer to our patients, and was an enormous reward for all of the hard work and dedication, as individuals and as a team that we deliver on a daily basis. We were all very honoured to be recognised in Dentistry, and hope to inspire as leaders and role-models as we aim to deliver clinical excellence.

Compiling the submission for the award

Every member of the hygiene team was involved in compiling the submission.  Several meetings took place where ideas were presented and discussed.  An important part of the submission process is to read exactly what is required by the judges. We took this into consideration when we compiled our submission, which we are sure helped us in winning the award. Our advice to you is, if you believe that you are working to deliver the highest standards of preventive care within your field in dentistry, then you should put your team forward for the award.

It is very motivational and rewarding for the team, and also a great day out.

Who’s who

Morag Powell Dip DH Dip DT

‘I was honoured and humbled for us to win the award of best preventive practice.  It was a welcomed recognition of all of the hard work and dedication that we have put into the practice as a team’

Rachel Duddin BSc

‘I am delighted to be part of the winning team for best preventive practice. Winning such recognition has inspired and motivated me and my team members, gaining job satisfaction and a great sense of achievement’

Kirsty Cruickshank Dip DH

‘Winning the award meant a great deal to me personally, as I believe we are the best practice at what we do in Hygiene and when we won I couldn’t quite believe it! We strive to maintain the standards that have been set and our aim is to continue providing the best standard of care to our patients’

Katrina Kilpatrick Dip DH

‘It was wonderful to win! A great recognition of what the team have been striving towards. It gives us the motivation to continue this journey and aim even higher in the future’

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