Straumann Charity Bike Ride

We finally made it! With our Straumann Charity Bike Race finally complete, our cyclists are now (we hope!) relaxing at home with a nice cup of tea and their legs resting up. Our #dentistsinlycra travelled 600 miles in 6 days, which involved a continental journey from Basel, Switzerland to Crawley, United Kingdom.

Together, we can proudly announce… We’ve raised more than £25,000 for charities CLAPA community and Bridge2Aid. We can’t express how much we appreciate all your contributions, kind words and support throughout the journey. For our cyclists and support team, your messages certainly made the determination to get past that finish line even more of a necessity!

So, with the end of the working week soon approaching, we thought it would be essential to include our very own UK Area Business Manager, Chris Bligh’s final diary post to conclude a memorable and triumphant event.

'The urge to crawl into a bike bag and die quietly, which was strong yesterday, has passed…'

Yes, some blue skies and sunshine for our ferry ride and cycle to Crawley yesterday.  We cruised over the Kent downs (and Channel) through the ‘Garden of England‘, homeward bound… I won't bore you with details (oh, really, why not? You have every other day)… except to say that there was no rain today, no rabid dogs to escape, we didn't get lost… well not exactly… but we were led up a dead end street, through a farm yard and into a field…at which point Rob Dorrington didn't uncleat his feet, and fell elegantly onto a grassy bank…my last sight of him reminded me of a toppled Duplo toy figure still attached to its upturned bicycle!

We should have taken this as a sign and sat down in a mass protest…but we didn't and continued up a muddy rocky track for a further half mile, eventually reaching a road, by which time our bikes and shoes were caked with mud!

And today no black socks; no he’s still with us, just no black socks.

I've been trying to think of a witty nickname for our leader but have struggled to come up with anything. It would be a bit harsh to suggest that his surname might be Lost, even for someone who today took us cross-country and mislaid his camera.

Meanwhile he has been given a stay of execution on account of his good wit, professionalism and for putting up with our barracking….

Enjoyed the rapturous welcome on our return to Crawley with much celebration, recounting of tales, hugging and tears. Had a few beers and demolished the BBQ laid on for us and said fond farewells to all the new friends we have made.

Have hung my bike up in the garage for the last time and don't want to see it again until spring! Enjoying sitting in a comfortable car and looking forward to the next traffic jam to sit in all day, so I don't have to move my legs (or backside) any more…

Note to self:

Backside… Tender

Legs… Dog-tired

Mind… Full of amazing memories

Bike…Need cleaning!

Thighs… Now the size Victoria Pendleton's… Excellent!

And so ended a very memorable trip one we'll all remember for some time to come…

Au revoir,


PS: Bike for sale, Trek Madone, 3,500 miles, one careful owner, never been off road…

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