Straumann Charity Bike Ride

As dental professionals across the United Kingdom relax for the weekend, our #dentistsinlycra team are continuing their 600 miles journey from Basel, Switzerland to Crawley, England. It’s been an intense and challenging first two days, which saw our cyclists travel through all types of weather, suffering cuts, scrapes and bruises. But through it all, they’re even more determined about reaching the £30,000 target!

This morning, our cyclists head into champagne country!

With a relatively smooth and flat route in the morning, they’ll be able to see the harvesting process that usually starts in mid-late September. The challenge for today is the climb of The Montagne de Reims (sounds quite intimidating right?). A plateau south of Reims, it has a maximum height of 288 meters. The interesting feature about this route is that the slopes are largely covered with champagne vineyards!

But there’s no time for drinking champagne! Celebrations will have to wait until Tuesday next week as we welcome them back to home ground in Crawley!

Straumann are ultimately aiming to raise over £30,000 for Bridge2Aid and CLAPA. Donations can be made online via


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