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Voco presents several innovative products at the BDTA Dental Showcase2013. One is Futurabond U. Voco says Futurabond U is the market's only true dual-curing universal adhesive offering usage in a disposable applicator. Besides the simple handling of Singledose, Futurabond U offers an outstanding range of options for application, including indications to selection of the etching technique or the curing mode. This universal adhesive is fully compatible with all light-curing, dual-curing and self-curing methacrylate-based composites and is suitable for direct and indirect restorations. Applied in a single layer, Futurabond U creates a strong bond to enamel and dentine, thus ensuring a durable, gap-free bond between the dental hard tissue and the restorative material. At the same time it offers firm adhesion to different materials such as metal, zirconium/aluminium oxide and silicate ceramics without any additional primer. With X-tra base, Voco presents a flowable composite, designed especially for the bulk filling technique.


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