Prodentalcpd – ‘more than cpd’

As a leading organisation in healthcare learning, Prodentalcpd has many links worldwide to authors, editors, and medical experts. These contacts collaborate to bring members over 600 e-learning modules that reflect the most up-to-date developments in the industry.

Prodentalcpd has invested in a number of partnerships such as the collaboration with the British Association of Dental Nurses, ensuring that learning resources are relevant and beneficial.

As a BADN member, Fiona Ellwood works as a senior lecturer and advisor in oral health education and prevention programmes. A keen educationist, Fiona alsoruns a successful training business in the Midlands. She says, Prodentalcpd is very current, for example the GDC recently brought the subject of oral cancer to the fore and in response to this, Prodentalcpd developed a learning tool on the subject so that its members are up-to-date. Prodentalcpd considers market need – it is more than cpd and a lot of thought goes into the construction of the learning resources and their accessibility.'

 BADN members may be eligible for a discount with Prodentalcpd, so sign up via the BADN website.


To learn more about high-quality e-learning solutions, contact Prodentalcpd on 0114 282 3509, or visit

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