Huge numbers comply with CPD cycle

More than 35,000 (35,733) dental care professionals (DCPs) have declared they have met the General Dental Council’s (GDC) continuing professional development (CPD) requirements, demonstrating a commitment to their on-going development as dental professionals.

CPD is a legal requirement and by 31 July 2013, those in the 2008-13 cycle needed to have completed 150 hours of CPD or risk losing their registration with the GDC. They had until 28 August 2013 to log their hours.

Who’s declared what, by title

• Dental Nurses – 25,636 (95%)

• Dental Technicians – 4,335 (91%)

• Dental Hygienists – 3,777 (98%)

• Dual Registrants – 1,483 (98%)

• Dental Therapists – 194 (95%)

• Orthodontic Therapists – 282 (99%)

• Clinical Dental Technicians – 26 (90%)

What happens next if someone didn’t comply?

Only 1,947 failed to declare compliant CPD hours (registrants must have completed 150 hours of which 50 hours must be verifiable).

They will now be contacted in writing by the GDC advising them of the next steps they need to take as summarised below:

They will have a short period of time, 28 days, in which to send in a copy of their CPD records, which must include:

1. A log or summary of all their CPD activities carried out during the five-year cycle indicating:

• The date the activity took place

• A description of the activity or study itself

• Whether it constitutes verifiable or general CPD

• The number of hours attributed to each item of CPD.

2. The documentary evidence in respect of each item of verifiable CPD completed, for example, certificates of attendance.

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