Bridging the age gap

Deborah Lyle to speak at the BSDHT Conference 2013

Ageing is, of course, inevitable, but doing so gracefully is not a guarantee.

Research into the natural process has led us to recommend what people of certain ages should eat, what exercise they should do and what activities they should avoid in order to prevent physical problems developing. Little is reported in the media however, about the changes and processes that occur in the mouth depending on what stage of life a person has reached.

The very first dental appointment is often now occurring in children’s first year of life, and as people are living longer nowadays, it is important to understand the different generations, their needs, and the unique oral challenges they may encounter.

The BSDHT’s Oral Health Conference and Exhibition will be held on 15-16 November 2013, at the ICC Birmingham.

This year’s theme is ‘Beyond the Obvious’ and will present an interesting programme covering everything from oral hygiene at birth to the time when you begin to look like your parents, or even grandparents.

Among the speakers at this year’s conference will be Deborah Lyle, who will present a different lecture on each day of the event.

Deborah’s first session on the Friday, will look at the challenges of later life, emphasising the need to consider a patient’s personal values, medical condition and societal issues such as income, housing and independence. There are more people reaching their 60s and 70s than ever before and they are seeking dental care far more frequently than their parents’ generation.

The challenges presented by this group of patients to dental hygienists will range from the side effects of medication, to more debilitating problems like osteoporosis and dementia. Deborah will discuss these potential problems, offering ideas on how to overcome them effectively.

On the Saturday, Deborah’s session will cover the chronic diseases that impact the health and lifestyle of children and adolescents, exploring the link between HPV and oral cancer. There is more to understanding the teenage patient than social networking – do the most chronic illness affect modern teens?

How is obesity related to their oral health? Deborah will discuss the various answers and their implications, giving practical tips and advice on how to approach different situations to improve patient compliance and encourage the best results.

To develop your understanding of the different age groups of your patients, and to improve the service and care you provide, don’t miss Deborah Lyle speaking at the BSDHT Conference 2013.


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