Premier Symposium date announced

Organised by Dental Protection and Schülke, this year it will take place Saturday 23 November at The Shaw Theatre in London.

Speakers include: • Professor Tara Renton: The difficult extraction – Anticipating and managing complications in oral surgery: Oral surgery continues to feature prominently in the cases managed by DPL and very often the allegations include a failure to recognise the potential difficulties that might be encountered when extracting a tooth, and possible complications arising thereafter.

• Howard Lloyd: The difficult RCT – Anticipating and managing endodontic complications: Endodontics (and especially, molar endodontics) remains the biggest single source of negligence claims involving dentists. A look at the different approaches that need to be adopted in order to minimise these risks.

• Professor Andrew Smith: Buy one – get one free
a)  Dental unit water line contamination – the state of play
b)  Prions and vCJD – where are we, 17 years on?: One of the most difficult and contentious areas in the field of decontamination and infection control in recent years has been the challenge of effectively dealing with biofilm in internal tubing. ANd, some 17 years after the UK’s 1993 ‘Mad Cow Disease’ (BSE) outbreak, is it premature to become complacent about the risks of prions?

• Professor Crispian Scully: What do you think you are you looking at?: While some oral conditions are being seen more often, others are easier to miss and /or to masquerade as other conditions and lead us to misdiagnose them.  This guided tour of normal and abnormal oral mucosa will include a discussion of emerging conditions that the dental team should be aware of.

• Serpil Djemal: Clinical and dento-legal issues in managing traumatic injuries to the teeth, mouth and face in adults: Most of our dentistry is carried out on healthy patients, many of whom have no immediate presenting problem. The situation is very different when patients have recently suffered dental and oro-facial trauma and this throws up short and medium term management problems, long term treatment options and a range of dento-legal considerations at every stage. This presentation outlines the key principles regarding the immediate management of traumatic injuries in the adult patient

The event will also include the presentation of the ‘Dental Student of the Year’ award and the ‘Dental Practice of the Year’ award, with a prize fund of £1,500 for each category. Including five hours verifiable CPD, tickets are now on sale for this year’s Premier Symposium, priced at £150 for DPL members and £280 for non members. Delegates are advised to order tickets early. To book, call 020 7399 2914 or email [email protected]

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