Official opening of Sparkle Dental Labs

The recent opening of the 16,000sq foot laboratory in Leeds was the vision of Mustafa Mohammed, Managing Director of Genix Healthcare. With the idea of reducing the vast number of dental technicians leaving the UK profession each year, it is hoped the proposed apprenticeship scheme will provide a boost to the British dental lab industry.

Speaking at the opening, chief dental officer for England, Barry Cockcroft, said: 'I am absolutely delighted to see the laboratory being developed. The opening of Sparkle Dental Laboratories shows there is confidence that this is a working business model. It is great to see investment in British dental laboratories on this scale. The apprenticeship scheme is a fantastic idea and it demonstrates there is a future for British dental technicians.'

The skilled dental technicians at Sparkle Dental Labs produce affordable, high quality NHS and private dental products. It is one of the few dental laboratories in the UK to receive MHRA, DAMAS and ISO quality assurance marks.

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