Prepare to be gobsmacked

Yorkshire-based theatre company Amerrycan Productions introduces Gobsmell; a quirky, screwball comedy musical about a failing NHS dental practice, the wily American dentist sent over to fix it and the secrets uncovered in his attempts.

Set in a grubby Yorkshire village, the aptly named Gobsmeltonkirbythwaite, the play follows a shaky American dentist struggling to adjust to life abroad on the wings on a mysterious invitation promising a life of riches – if he can keep an NHS practice from falling into the gutter.

Written by Texan actor Bryan Bounds, the musical is semi-autobiographical, loosely based on Bryan’s own gruelling experiences upon moving from the US over to the a small Yorkshire village in England in the bleak winter of 1999.

Lynne Tiffney, senior receptionist and part time dental nurse at McMahon Dental Care Practice in Leeds, caught a performance in Leeds in June. She said: ‘There were six members of staff present and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very funny, and very well performed. We would recommend it, and think it will do well at the Edinburgh Festival.’

Unique among other Fringe shows, Gobsmell’s cast includes three children – two are the writer’s own (age seven & 12). The whole play takes place in a surgery, some in the office and some on the dental chair.

Gobsmell will be playing between 12-17 and 19-24 August at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. To book tickets, visit the Edinburgh Fringe website.

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