Call for NHS patient safety

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) welcomes the Review’s recommendations to achieve this central aim.
Fiona Erasmus, the FGDP(UK) director, says: 'The Review highlights the need to support NHS practitioners in developing the skills and confidence to ensure best practice in quality control, quality improvement and quality planning.The Faculty has long advocated in support of these important principles within primary dental care, and our educational and training programmes are structured around these aims.
'The Faculty is committed to supporting career-long professional development, and Professor Berwick highlights the importance of having structures in place to foster learning within the NHS workforce. We believe that the dental team can provide the safest and highest quality care for patients when there is a culture of openness and transparency, both within teams and in patient interaction.

Peer review and patient feedback are essential to allow dental practitioners to reflect on their practice and to recognise opportunities to improve patient safety.'

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