CPD declarations due from DCPs

On 31 July 2013 around 40,000 dental care professionals (DCPs) came to the end of their first five year cycle of continuing professional development (CPD).

CPD is a legal requirement and by that date, DCPs needed to have completed 150 hours of CPD or risk losing their registration.

They now have until 28 August 2013 to log their hours.

Submitting CPD hours

Registrants are encouraged to submit their CPD hours as soon as possible and can do this online any time before 28 August using an eGDC account. eGDC is a self-service registrant website which allows dental professionals to manage their registration online. Registrants can set up or access their eGDC account by going to our website.

Alternatively, registrants can download a recording form from the GDC website and post or email it in – but they must ensure their form is received no later than 28 August. 

What DCPs have told us so far

Of the 39,336 DCPs in the cycle, 29,416 have completed all their hours and 2,303 have yet to declare any.

What is CPD?

CPD is study, training, courses, seminars, reading and other activities which advance the professional development of dental professionals.

Of the 150 hours dental care professionals must complete, 100 can be general CPD.

General CPD might include:

  • staff meeting
  • attending conferences
  • journal reading
  • private study

The other 50 hours must be verifiable CPD. This means that the CPD must meet all four of the criteria outlined below:

1. Concise educational aims and objectives;

2. Clear anticipated outcomes;

3. Quality controls (i.e. you should be given the chance to feedback);

4. You must obtain and keep documentary proof (e.g. a certificate) of your attendance/participation from an appropriate third party (e.g. the activity provider/organiser).

A number of case studies are available on the GDC’s website as examples of what other people are doing.

For more information registrants can contact the GDC Customer Advice and Information Team on 0845 222 4141.

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