Think big

The latest business programme from 7Connections has the capacity to accelerate your business growth more than you ever thought possible.

Never mind trying to increase your annual sales by five or 10%– how about looking to become a £10 million business? 

You might think that is a very ambitious target, but in order to make real changes to your annual sales, you have to think big.

Business experts at 7Connections have put together ‘theTwenty’ – a community of no more than 20 dental business owners striving to better themselves in every aspect, expand the services they provide and grow their potential profitability by a substantial margin. This opportunity is open to owners of dental practices, laboratories and supply companies, who will benefit in a number of ways.

With the support of all the 7Connections team, each member of theTwenty will have access to bespoke advice in the areas of staff training, ethical selling, patient experience and business marketing – to name just a few. They will aim to produce some of the best business managers and treatment coordinators in the profession, as well as creating highly efficient and desirable working environments.

Regular online ad tele-meetings will be held to bring members together to share ideas and experiences on effective systems, marketing strategies and recruitment processes. This also gives members a chance to see how they are comparing to others in the group, while under the guidance of 7Connections.

In addition to receiving business support, members of theTwenty will also be able to form a purchasing group for cost-effective supplies, materials, training, compliance and facility management.

All in all, members of theTwenty can expect to develop a whole new way of looking at their business. Aiming for a £10 million business in five years may seem daunting, but by broadening ideas and taking a determined approach, it is by no means impossible.

With 10 spots still available for theTwenty, if you own a dental practice, laboratory or supply company and want to reach for the stars, contact 7Connections today and start the biggest journey of your professional life.

For more information about 7Connections business coaching, please call 01647 478145, or email [email protected]

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