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The digital age has not only changed social interaction through the likes of social networking, but has also created a modern research method for students and professionals who want to access data instantly.

Dentsply Academy webinars allow clinicians to further their knowledge and understanding through the means of online lectures and step-by-step tutorials. There is something for the whole dental team, with videos from a range of world-renowned clinicians and experts on topics as varied as canal shaping and obturation to RSI and periodontal disease.

One of these experts is Dentsply technician, Steve Clark, whose webinar gives students general advice concerning the maintenance of their Cavitron Ultrasonic scaling unit, and teaches them the importance of keeping their Cavitron product in top condition. Steve’s webinar gives an in-depth explanation of the unit and teaches viewers how to get the most out of theirs, 'my session covers the maintenance of Cavitron equipment and shows that with the right knowledge and regular maintenance the unit will live a prolonged life. The webinar also explains other details such as where certain controls are located on the units in different generations of Cavitrons, which can cause confusion for some customers'.

The webinar format allows experts like Steve to share their knowledge visually, he says: 'I feel as if people find it easier to watch a demonstration, rather than reading an instruction manual.'

The digital age has provided us with thousands of convenient video tutorials that have unquestionably changed the way in which we consume information. Steve believes that the power of the internet has given businesses the ability to share what they offer with a larger audience, 'Mass media is the future, everything is now online because it is easy to access and it is convenient.'

Dentsply prides itself on offering an excellent service to the 11,000+ (and growing) students of the Dentsply Academy. All that is needed to attend is a computer and access to the internet. As well as providing excellent live webinars for students to access at a time that suits them, each session is archived online, as Steve explains: 'The webinars are available for members to rewatch on the Dentsply archive, so students can use it as a point of reference whenever they need it.'

Many clinicians find it hard to find time to earn their verifiable CPD and Steve understands that taking time out of work to attend lectures can be impractical in a busy surgery. With a Dentsply Academy webinar, students simply print off their certificate after completing a short exam following the webinar. This is why the webinar format is a more appropriate method of teaching, because not only is it simple, it is available globally and outside of practice hours, so it can be viewed anywhere – 'Instead of worrying about travelling to a scheduled lecture, everything you need is now online.'

Dentsply Academy webinars are a convenient method for the continued development of educating professionals in the dental industry, offering key information and theory to help students further their career and clinical ability.

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