A brand built by our dentists

What is Skada Dentals’ background?

As a qualified dentist Dr Amal Patel set up Skada Dental to bring premium quality dental materials from a variety of fields within dentistry, direct to dental professionals.

With so many variations in quality available in the market, the ethos of the company has always been to take the guesswork out of the customer purchasing decision by providing them with products, which meet and even exceed their expectations.

Describe the Skada Dental product range?

We specialise in a range of innovative restoratives, endodontic and impression materials. Leading products include our restoratives Skadacomp, SK Flow and SK Temp, our root canal sealers SK Seal and Skadapaste, as well as our SK Vestige range of impression materials.

As a UK-based brand, we work with our manufacturing partners across Europe and America to offer leading products capable of achieving optimal and consistent clinical outcomes.

All our products are easily accessible through our website www.skadadental.com

What differentiates Skada Dental?

As a brand built by dentists, we possess the ability to better understand the concerns of our fellow colleagues and as an independently run company, we thrive to offer more personal and direct support to our customers. In turn, we find their feedback invaluable in helping us grow by being able to source materials that meet their specifications.

Our fundamental belief is that dentists need to be able to feel, see and test new clinical materials in practice, something we actively encourage with all our products.

What is your vision for the company?

We look to cement ourselves as an industry-leading provider of dental materials. Building on the support of our customers, our ultimate goal is for dental professionals to recognise the Skada Dental brand as the number one sign of quality.







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