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Digital photography is a fantastic tool and offers great advantages for both dentist and patient. Both are able to store high-quality post and pre-treatment images.

Pre-treatment photos allow patients to comprehend what is required and their subsequent treatment plan, similarly they provide an excellent record for dentists and offer an invaluable comparison as the treatment progresses.

Post-treatment photos are great for ‘before and after’ shots which, as well as being satisfying for the patient, can be a highly effective marketing tool for the dentists. In conjunction, keeping clear and easily transferable records is always a positive, particularly if they ever need to be drawn upon at a later date for any reason.

At first glance, the purchasing of photographic equipment may seem expensive, and one may also be put off by the fact that technology is constantly evolving and subsequently said equipment may need to be updated further down the line. However, once purchased, a digital camera can provide a cost-effective means of both record-keeping and patient treatment, and once completed can be effectively implemented into your practice’s marketing strategy.

Perfect brand
The right equipment is absolutely essential and it is recommended you seek professional advice, or perhaps the advice of trusted colleagues, before you purchase a camera or accessories. There is lots of help to be found, particularly on the internet, and seeking out some impartial reviews of the equipment you are considering purchasing is always sensible. There is a lot to consider before you part with your cash and, once you have decided what functions are most important to you with regards to your camera, you should begin some thorough researching. Consider questions such as: ‘Which brand of camera would best suit my needs?’, ‘Do I want simplicity or a multitude of options?’ and ‘Which accessories do I need to really make the most of my camera – for example, macro lenses and ring flashes?’. Once decided, look for the best value deals and always give haggling a go!

Knight moves
Tony Knight, of Knight Dental Design, has fully embraced the use of digital photography in his practice and says: ‘Digital photography is essential for any surgery or laboratory serious about aesthetic dentistry. A decent SLR camera is a must and is probably the best value tool a dentist will ever buy; the payback in increased quality of your work and patient case acceptance will pay for the camera in a short time.’


In a flash!
•    Pre-treatment images enable patients to understand
    what’s needed
•    Great for making comparisons throughout treatment process
•    ‘Before and after’ images are excellent for marketing
•    A cost-effective means of record-keeping
•    As an aesthetics practice, it may be the best investment you ever make with regards to raising your profile and case acceptance.

There are many good dental photography courses – the BACD is a good place to start looking –

To get great photos for your website consider a short portrait photography course advertised in photography magazines.

Many patients are happy to let you use their images if you have transformed their smile and offer them a free portrait photography shoot!

To see examples, go to www.knightdentaldesign.co.uk.

For more information or help regarding your website and how it can transform your business, call Charles Southey, operations director at Digital Results, using any of the below.
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