Dentistry Top 50 – the results

Once again, the Dentistry Top 50 poll was inundated with a record number of votes from readers of Dentistry magazine and

Ans this year, chief dental officer for England, Barry Cockcroft was voted by the profession as the most influential figure in dentistry.

At a time when NHS dentistry is undergoing major changes in the way it delivers oral health care, you saw the CDO as the biggest mover and shaker in the industry.

Barry Cockcroft qualified from Birmingham Dental School in 1973. He worked for 27 years in mainly NHS general dental practice before joining the Department of Health as deputy chief dental officer (England) in November 2002.

He was appointed chief dental officer (England) in July 2006. Prior to his appointment as CDO, he had served on the Warwickshire Local Dental Committee, including terms as chairman and secretary, been chairman of the West Midlands Association of LDCs and was elected to the General Dental Services Committee of the BDA in 1990.

Following the recent restructuring of the health and social care system, he provides clinical and professional advice and leadership to NHS England, the Department of Health and Health Education England. Away from dentistry, he served as a magistrate on the Warwickshire bench between 1992 and 2000 and is married with three children. Barry received a CBE in 2009 for services to dentistry.

Meanwhile, the lifetime contribution award went to Professor Nairn Wilson, honorary Professor of Dentistry at King’s College London.

Throughout his career he has held numerous senior executive and academic positions within dentistry. Nairn’s many other positions have included President of the General Dental Council (1999-2003) and more recently co-chair of the Forum of European Heads and Deans of Dental Schools (2007-2012). His interests and special expertise encompass the regulation of dentistry, international trends in dental education, tooth-coloured filling materials and related systems, and modern, minimally invasive approaches to, in particular, conservative dentistry. Although now retired, Nairn continues to author and edit a wide range of books and other dental publications.

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For full biographies and focuses on our Top 50, see the 18 April issue of Dentistry magazine. Here below, the top 150:

1 Barry Cockcroft

2 Kevin Lewis

3 Evlynne Gilvarry

4 Martin Fallowfield

5 Judith Husband

6 Peter Ward

7 David Cameron

8 James Goolnik

9 Chris Orr

10 Nairn Wilson

11 Tif Qureshi

12Amarjit Gill

13 Ellis Paul

14 Mhari Coxon

15 Matthew Perkins

16 Seema Sharma

17 Linda Greenwall

18 Gordon Christensen

19 Anoop Maini

20 Edward Lynch

21 Monik Vasant

22 Laura Horton

23 Earl Howe

24 Nilesh Parmar

25 Michael Wise

26 Tony Jacobs

27 Ashley Latter

28 Zaki Kanaan

29 Sia Mirfendereski

30 Crispian Scully

31 Roger Matthews

32 Sue Gregory

33 Trevor Burke

34 Kevin Rose

35 Andrea Ubhi

36 Julian English

37 Pam Swain

38 Stuart Harding

39 Lorenzo Vanini

40 Simon Tucker

41 Les Jones

42 Paul Tipton

43 Ken Finlayson

44 Elaine Halley

45 Quentin Skinner

46 Nick Dilworth

47 Liz Kay

48 Wakkas Khan

49 Chris Barrow

50 James Russell

51  Shubbam Mittal

52 Manny Vasant

53 Larry Rosenthal

54 Cemal Ucer

55 Shaun Howe

56 David Hornbrook

57 Clifford Ruddle

58 David Winkler

59 Dennis Tarnow

60 Angie McBain

61 Tony Kilcoyne

62 Ian Needleman

63 Ron Jackson

64 Sara Holmes

65 Nasser Barghi

66 Martin Kelleher

67 Hien Ngo

68 Jason Smithson

69 Mike Mulcahy

70 Amit Varsani

71 Russ Ladwa

72 Chris Kettler

73 George Freedman

74 Raman Bedi

75 Vinod Joshi

76 Sir Paul Beresford

77 Beverley Carlyle

78 Ian Peace

79 Julian Webber

80 Hilt Tatum

81 Paul Stone

82 Rupert Hoppenbrouwers

83 Harris Sidelsky

84 Damien Walmsley

85 Ruby Austin

86 Jamie Newlands

87 Van Haywood

88 Phil Bennett

89 Brian Lux

90 Amjad Malik

91 David Bloom

92 Arjun Kachhala

93 Rob McAndrew

94 Stephen Buchanan

95 Koray Feran

96 Steve Moulder

97 Eric Van Dooren

98 Stephen Porter

99 Daniel Cheung

100 Martin Trope

101 Krishan Joshi

102 Hazel Adams

103 Derry Rogers

104 Ed Attenborough

105 Nicki Rowland

106 Bob Khanna

107 Mark Willings

108 Siobhan Owen

109 Martin Mayhew

110 Philip Lewis

111 Ashish Parmar

112 Edgar Gordon

113 Cathy Jameson

114 Ashok Sethi

115 Sunita Verma

116 Simon Hocken

117 Chris Potts

118 Andrew Lansley

119 Philip Friel

120 Moona Malik

121 Martin Mills

122 Jimmy Steele

123 Gertrude Huss

124 David Nicholson

125 John Renshaw

126 Joe Rich

127 Trent Smallwood

128 Chris Lucas

129 Paddi Lund

130 Derek Mahony

131 Michael Norton

132 John Lowry

133 George Kirtley

134 Rahul Doshi

135 Eddie Crouch

136 Stephen Hancocks

137 Hassan Mushaid

138 Mark Atkinson

139 Raymond Bertolotti

140 Bill Robbins

141 Margaret Ross

142 Philip Newsome

143 Peter Briggs

144 Basil Mizrahi

145 Roger Levin

146 Andrew Warren

147 Hew Mathewson

148 Mike Gow

149 Jerry Watson

150 Laurence Lando

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