Thirteen years ago, she planned her funeral.

At age 33, Eva Grayzel, a nationally recognised interactive performance artist, was diagnosed with late-stage oral cancer and told she had a 15% chance of survival.

Hear her challenging and emotional story and how her strength and determination have made her a passionate advocate of early detection. You don’t just hear a story, you experience it.

Here is just a snapshot of what you can expect from Eva’s inspiring presentation at Dentistry LIVE this year.

Eva will present the full presentation ‘Tongue tied: a story not silenced by cancer’ at Dentistry LIVE this year on Friday 7 June this year. Take advantage of this special Dentistry LIVE offer, quote EVALIVE and receive 25% off a dentist or DCP original weekend ticket price.

Offer valid until 29 March.

This half-hour video is completely free to view. Tune into Dentistry TV now – click here


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