Meeting the demands of disinfection

Dental Sky exclusively supplies a complete range of Dento-Viractis disinfecting products developed specifically to meet the demands of modern day practice.

Dento-Viractis 55 is a versatile combined pre-sterilisation detergent that disinfects whilst cleaning instruments. Dento-Viractis has been designed specifically to remove debris from hand instruments and surgical equipment prior to sterilisation. It is particularly useful in the removal of blood and pus. It quickly dissolves proteins due to its enzymatic action. This bacterial, fungicidal and virucidal product is available exclusively from Dental Sky in either a 2kg or 5kg bucket or 50 unidoses of 15g each. Dento-Viractis 55 dissolves quickly and easily.

Competitively priced Dento-Viractis 59 is a highly efficient concentrate solution for cleaning and pre-disinfecting dental instruments that is ideal for use in an ultrasonic bath. This grapefruit-smelling product speeds up the process of debris removal and is also bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.

For further information or to request a free catalogue, call 0800 294 4700.


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