Student hygienist is website’s 1,000th member

Louise Clark a student dental hygienist at the Eastman has become the 1,000th member of the popular forum

Louise is pictured with her gifts supplied by and Swallow Dental of a Waterpik Nano and a Montana Jack sickle scaler (PDT).

Louise was introduced to the site by Shaun Howe who is a long-serving member of the site and moderator. which in its present format is now 10 years old and is hosted and run by its founder John Stanfield MSc RDH, a dental hygienist with 30-plus years’ experience.

John has also held the position of Editor of Team in Practice and serves as the hygienist representative on the DCP committee of the FGDP as well as being its vice-chair. allows members of the dental team to discuss matters affecting the profession of Dental Hygiene and wider issues affecting dentistry as a whole in a secure environment.

Topics range from direct access to classification of furcation’s to blockages of Airflow tips and even sometimes just to let off a little steam in an environment where others understand your frustrations.

It also serves to educate and mentor those, who because of the way hygienists work (often the only hygienist in the practice) may find it a lonely existence and do not have peers to bounce ideas off.

As well as the online presence, also hosts some face-to-face meetings, the next of which will be early in 2013.Β  Members can get to put faces to names, have a day of education from some of the top hygienist speakers and an evening of socialising.

To join only takes a few minutes and is totally free, just be prepared to respond to a couple of emails.

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