Four heads are better than one

Durr Dental has ignited innovation once again by taking a simple technology concept and refining it to its maximum potential.  For a time now, the intraoral camera has provided both dentists and their patients with a revealing window into the realm of dental disease, conferring greater transparency and more lucid communication. Durr has consolidated a range of technologies to ensure this invaluable tool has its most sophisticated application yet.

Durr’s Vistacam iX has an interchangeable head mechanism, with four heads available: one providing high-resolution images of the oral environment; a macro head for close-ups of up to 100 times zoom; a proof head for caries diagnosis with a colour-coded scale; and an LED curing light. Data transmission is fully digital through a USB port to a PC, or can function as a stand-alone version without a PC. Additional heads can also be added in the future.

Durr has also set a benchmark in its design, winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the process. The ergonomic head rotates 360 degrees to ensure that every part of the oral cavity is easily accessible, and a motion sensor automatically switches the camera on and off. Its smooth finish enables easy disinfection.

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