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The new Colgate Kids toothpaste range for everyday use is designed to maintain good oral health and protect against caries in both deciduous and mixed dentition stages.

Nationally dental health in children is better than it has been since records began. The greatest reduction in dental caries occurred between 1973 and 1993, largely due to the widespread introduction of fluoride in toothpaste. This improvement has however been at a slower rate for the last 20 years and the latest child dental health survey shows 31% of five-year old children are still affected by dental caries, with an average of 1.1 teeth decayed, missing or filled.

The fluoride content in new Colgate Kids toothpaste aligns with guidance in ‘Delivering better oral health – an evidence-based toolkit for prevention’, which states the optimum age specific fluoride level for all children to help maintain good oral health.

  • Ages 0-3 toothpaste with sodium fluoride (1000ppm F)
  • Ages 4-6 toothpaste with sodium fluoride (1450ppm F)
  • Ages 6+ toothpaste with sodium fluoride (1450ppm F).

New attractive, age-specific packs appeal to children and communicate clear benefits to parents. With a new mild mint flavour to encourage better compliance, new Colgate Kids toothpaste is ideal to recommend for twice-daily supervised tooth brushing.

Downloadable resources are available online to share with children visiting the practice, including a tooth brushing chart.

References available.

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