Introducing new Colgate Duraphat mouthwash…

With its 500ppm fluoride solution, new Colgate Duraphat daily mouthwash improves fluoride uptake at the tooth surface (versus 225ppm fluoride mouthwash), helping to provide caries protection through promoting remineralisation and preventing demineralisation.

The incidence of new carious lesions in adults is now as high as that in children and root caries now affects 29% of those aged 65 and over. 

Increasing fluoride availability is the cornerstone of caries prevention. Various modes of fluoride delivery have evolved, each with its own recommended concentration, frequency of use, and dosage schedule.

Dental professionals recommending fluoride therapies, such as fluoride rinsing in addition to the regular use of fluoride toothpaste, can be reassured about the resulting increased caries protection.

Ideally, Colgate Duraphat daily mouthwash should be used at a different time from toothbrushing in order to maintain the concentration of fluoride in plaque throughout the day. 

References available.

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