September is Oral Health Month

This September, The British Dental Association and Colgate are partnering to raise awareness of oral health as part of overall health. Colgate Oral Health Month, now in its 10th year, aims to inform and educate the general public on the importance of good oral health, and to encourage communication between dental professionals and patients. The theme for the 2012 campaign is ‘Oral Health as Part of Overall Health’ with the following messages:


• Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste

• Avoid sugary snacks and drinks between meals

• Visit the dentist regularly


To help raise awareness and engage with the entire population, Colgate is running a national radio advertising campaign, focusing on the three key messages above. Additionally Colgate is hosting a Q&A event on their Facebook page during the month of September inviting the general public to have their oral care questions answered by a dentist.


Dental professional participation is key to the success of this campaign. Colgate will provide all registered practices with Colgate Oral Health Month practice packs containing educational materials to help your team create a practice display. Colgate Oral Health Month is an opportunity to reinforce the benefits of improving oral health as part of a national campaign, and your entire dental team can play a key role, as part of your on-going delivery of care.

A national Colgate Oral Health Month road show will provide oral health information to the general public throughout the month of September. Venues include Croydon, Cardiff, Kingston, Reading, Bath, Islington, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow. Dental hygienists and therapists will provide oral care advice and raise awareness of oral health as part of overall health. If you’re interested in attending one of the road shows, full details of the venues can be found at


Colgate will provide a verifiable CPD Programme for all dental professionals: Delivering Better Oral Health – Promoting Prevention in Adults. This will be available to download from 1st September at


For further information please contact the Colgate Oral Health Month registration line on 0161 665 5881.

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