Improving perio health in style

A number of key decision makers and specialists in periodontology, dental public health and restorative dentistry came together recently to review the latest additions to the wealth of clinical evidence on Triclosan & Copolymer at an event held within the superb English Heritage site of  Wellington Arch in central London.

Dr Anousheh Alavi, scientific affairs manager at Colgate UK & Ireland, opened the proceedings by reviewing the status of periodontal health and preventive behaviour data from the recent Adult Dental Health Survey.1

Dr Alavi also shared the hierarchy of evidence base, from systematic reviews to consensus of experts, in line with the ranking of evidence in the Department of Health publication: Delivering Better Oral Health2  and shared some insight into the difference between therapeutic and cosmetic claims made by toothpaste manufacturers, depending on whether the products had medicinal licence status.

Dr Fotinos Panagakos, Colgate Director of Clinical Research based in Piscataway, NJ, USA, reviewed the latest clinical studies on Triclosan & Copolymer.

Bringing the clinical evidence to life, Dr Panagakos gave an overview of Triclosan and Copolymer Technology, used exclusively in Colgate Total, before sharing a compelling wealth of clinical evidence on the effects of Triclosan & Copolymer on plaque, gingivitis, periodontitis, and peri-mucositis around dental implants.

New Colgate® Total® Pro Gum Health toothpaste is medically licensed to ‘improve gingival health and reduce the progression of periodontitis’. It contains clinically proven Triclosan & Copolymer Technology to improve gingival health for everyday use, as part of treatment and maintenance of periodontal health.

Recommend an evidence-based toothpaste to treat and maintain your patients’ periodontal health.

For further information on New Colgate® Total® Pro Gum Health toothpaste and details of its medicinal licence status, visit

  1. Adult Dental Health Survey 2009, NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care
  2. Delivering Better Oral Health- An evidence-based toolkit for prevention, Department of Health, 2nd edition, July 2009

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