BDA to protect dentistry funding

The British Dental Association (BDA) has reiterated its pledge to protect the General Dental Practice Allowance (GDPA) in Scotland at a time when NHS funding is threatened.

The BDA’s 2010 Scotland Manifesto emphasised the importance of protecting the General Dental Practice Allowance, which grants dentists up to an extra 12% on their NHS earnings.

The BDA’s argument was embraced by the Scottish National Party in their own 2010 manifesto, however economic pressure on the Scottish Government means funding for NHS dentistry is once again under threat.

Robert Donald, chair of the BDA’s Scottish Dental Practice Committee, renewed the BDA’s commitment to lobby for the protection of GDPA; stating that ‘maintaining the improvements in dentistry in Scotland achieved over years is imperative.

'Doing less for less is not an option for a profession that delivers high quality care for patients, just as doing more for less is not sustainable in the long term.’

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