Last chance to enter Private Laboratory Awards

Private Laboratory Magazine is proud to launch the renowned Private Laboratory Awards.

These awards are open for you to enter for a chance to win, a chance for glory, a chance to reward and recognise your team for their efforts, and a chance to stand out from your competitors in these challenging times.

Standing out from the competition has never been more important in business and in the business of dentistry, this can be key to achieving targets.

Entering is so simple; Choose the categories you wish to enter, you can see full category descriptions on the website

Call Kimberley Hackett on 01923 851784 to pre-register your entry, entry costs just £49 + VAT and you may enter as many categories as you like.

Your entry can be as extravagant and as original as you like, provide a 1,000-1,500 word statement on why you deserve to triumph accompanied by as much supporting evidence as you can provide.

Supporting evidence can include staff or client testimonials, images and videos, anything that can back up your statement.

The Categories

  • Best Dental Laboratory (more than 3 technicians)
  • Best Dental Laboratory (less than 3 technicians)
  • Best Team
  • Most Innovative Laboratory
  • Best Laboratory Website

Visit the website today for more information.

The Ceremony
The ceremony will take place on 25 January 2013 at the five-star Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington. Enjoy a fabulous three-course meal and enjoy an evening of applause and celebration.
You only have until 21 August to pre-register your entry but don’t panic your full entry only needs to be completed by the end of September.

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