The whitening game

There’s a new player in the whitening arena. Acteon brings a gentle, yet complete approach to tooth whitening.


Metoo is a bespoke approach. It provides the dentist with fast, effective strategies for chairside and take-home whitening to give their patients the smile they desire.


Metoo Deluxe is an LED lamp boasting a pause function and digital screen to show the time remaining on the session.


It uses both photo-activation and thermo-activation to doubly activate the hydrogen peroxide. Neodam, the patented gingival dam, changes colour once curing is complete to avoid over curing and burns.


Chairside kit Metoo Light is separated into three easy use syringes for each 15-minute session, each loaded with 2.5ml hydrogen peroxide.


Contact Acteon today to see how this flexible, easy-to-use system can make work simple, patients happy and profits soar, and to arrange an on-site demo.

01480 477307
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