Perfect combination

QED’s Superendo B&L-beta and alpha II cordless obturation devices form the perfect combination.

The Superendo B&L-beta enables fast and easy delivery of warm obturation material for the endodontic backfill technique, facilitating rapid obturation of even the most difficult root canals more completely, in less time, and with less patient discomfort.

It features variable temperature settings allowing the practitioner to control the material’s flow characteristics; a rechargeable lithium ion battery; and a choice of 23g and 25g needle sizes with 360-degree swivel.

Supplied with three tips, the Superendo B&L-alpha II features multiple temperature settings to accommodate both gutta percha and resilon,with a quick heating tip that reaches temperature within 10 seconds.

The incorporated rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows the operator to complete many cases without the need to recharge. A full range of optional tips is available separately.

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