Making implant surgery easier for dentists

Acteon’s I-surge and I-surge+ units make implant surgery easier for dentists and more pleasant for patients.


The I-surge+ is a powerful motor in a robust aluminium case with reliable electronic speed and torque control.


This autoclavable micromotor offers high power in any surgical procedure, and a smooth, stable motion to ensure precision. There are no brushes and no lubrication is needed, making the micromotor maintenance-free.


A special ‘no-drop’ system eliminates additional irrigation leakage when pump flow is stopped. The calibration system on both of these units guarantees a perfect match between the micro-motor and the contra-angle prior to use for setting exact values.


With five customisable, memorised programs, seven contra-angle ratios, compatibility with all contra-angles, ISO 3964 connection, and a large multifunction footswitch equipped with pressure sensors for an extended life, the dentist will soon find these motors indispensable in practice.

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