Martin Fallowfield elected chair of BDA PEC

Dr Martin Fallowfield, a GDP in Peterborough, has been elected to chair the British Dental Association’s (BDA’s) new Principal Executive Committee (PEC).

Dr Fallowfield was elected by the members of the PEC, who in turn had been elected by a ballot of the entire membership of the BDA. Dr Fallowfield represents the East of England constituency.

He is a long-serving member of the BDA’s current executive board and has been instrumental in projects including the development of the BDA’s Good Practice Scheme, planning the British Dental Conference and Exhibition and a project to consider the BDA’s values and offering to members.

As PEC chair, Dr Fallowfield will be the principal elected representative officer of the BDA and his responsibilities will include ensuring the integrity of the business of the BDA, translating the will of the membership into operational priorities, developing networks of influence in the UK and overseas, and ensuring that the BDA is represented in political, public and policy forums. The PEC formally assumes its responsibilities on 1 July.

Dr Fallowfield said: ‘It is an honour to be chosen to lead the dental profession in the UK. This is a pivotal time for the BDA and the profession it represents. There are many challenges to be confronted and we must be flexible as we seek to deal with them. As chair of the Principal Executive Committee, I will ensure that the BDA speaks out forcefully on behalf of the profession, champions high-quality care and promotes integrity and honesty.’

Dr Fallowfield will be assisted by Dr Robert Kinloch who has been elected deputy chair of the PEC. Dr Kinloch is also a GDP, practising near Loch Lomond in Scotland. He represents the Scotland constituency on the PEC and has served as chair of the BDA’s Scottish Dental Practice Committee, the Scottish Council and the UK Healthcare Policy Group.

The third senior key office holder of the PEC will be Dr Judith Husband, who has been elected to serve in the role of chair of the Education, Ethics, and Dental Team Committee.
Dr Husband is a GDP who contracts to provide dental services predominantly in the prison environment and a member of the current BDA executive board.

The remaining members of the PEC and the constituencies they represent are: Dr Russ Ladwa (England, London), Dr Paul Blaylock (England, North), Dr Victor Chan (England, South East), Dr Nigel Jones (England, South West), Dr Eddie Crouch (England, West Midlands), Dr Mick Armstrong (England, Yorkshire and Humber), Dr Philip Henderson (Northern Ireland); Dr Stuart Johnston (Wales), Dr Alison Lockyer (UK), Dr Susie Sanderson (UK) and Dr Graham Stokes (UK).

A by-election is being conducted to elect a representative for the vacant England North West constituency. The deadline for nominations is noon on 12 July.

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