Demand for dental implants on the rise

Patient interest in dental implants has doubled in the last year, according to the latest data from medical and dental search website
More than 150,000 people from the UK used the website to research local private dental clinics in the last month, with 2,500 of them interested in dental implants – up 105% on the same period last year.
The website claims increasing consumer awareness and more affordable prices are driving demand for the procedure.
Dental implants proving popular all over the UK too, with the website registering dental implant enquiries in more than 350 towns and cities in the last year. Clinics in the West Midlands (7.8%) and London (6.1%) are the most popular on the site but there is also strong interest in Scotland’s Lanarkshire (4.6%) and Midlothian (4.0%), and in Somerset (4.0%) too.
With an estimated 27 million British adults missing at least one tooth (57% of the adult population), implant dentists have a considerable market to service, given that private treatment is generally the only option for most patients interested in the procedure.
Caelen King, CEO of said: ‘It is clear that dental implants are increasingly popular with UK consumers, who see the procedure as a permanent solution to replacing lost teeth. The benefits of the procedure, such as an enhanced ability to chew food, protecting remaining teeth and improving self-esteem are making them a hit with consumers all over the UK.’
Of the 555 UK clinics listing dental implant prices on the website, 13% now quote between £1,000 and £1,500, and 7% quote between £500 and £1,000 for the procedure. The average price quoted is £1,860.

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