Wrigley’s celebrates with dental students

Wrigley’s Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) attended the Barts and the London Dental School Graduate Trade Fair to help celebrate newly qualified dental practitioners’ exam success and to speak to attendees about the benefits of chewing sugarfree gum. This was part of Wrigley’s programme of dedicated student activity, which involves engaging future professionals throughout their student journey, from fresher through to graduate.

Student dental shows are an important platform for Wrigley to communicate the oral health benefits of chewing sugarfree gum. Wrigley will also be attending the student fresher’s fairs for all the key dental schools this autumn and is planning to expand its student activity in 2013, including exploring ways to be involved in student sponsorship programmes and student modules.

Louisa Rowntree, communications manager for WOHP, says: ‘We value the one-to-one conversations we are able to have with dental students because working closely with the dental community is at the heart of WOHP. Chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking is a simple and clinically proven way to look after oral health while on the go. Giving future dental professionals the knowledge to help them communicate our Eat, Drink, Chew message to their future patients is fundamental to the Program’s success.’

The benefits of chewing sugarfree gum are well documented and the science behind chewing is simple – the action of chewing stimulates the flow of saliva, which washes away food debris, helps neutralises damaging plaque acids and remineralises tooth enamel.

For more information visit www.wrigley.com/uk/oralhealth.

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