Design and create all-ceramic inlays

Cerec enables dentists to create high quality and durable chairside all-ceramic restorations in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Saving laboratory costs it enables dentists to design and create all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns for the anterior, premolar and molar regions in one visit. Eliminating the need for impressions, Cerecuses a digital impression taking technique.

Ceramic Systems is participating in a series of one-day ‘Scan, plan, finish and fit’ digital implementation workshops at Sirona’s new Centre of Excellence in London, on 15 June, 14 September and 7 December.

Delegates will hear Dr V J Vadgama explain how he has implemented a workflow that hasallowed him to offer outstanding levels of patient treatment. Attendees will understand the requirements for a fully integrated digital workflow and have hands-on experience of the latest Sirona XG 3D digital X-ray, Sinius treatment centre, Cerec CAD/CAM and hygiene solutions.

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