Dentists go Stateside to learn cutting-edge skills

Dentists from County Durham have travelled to America to participate in a world-class educational programme to increase their knowledge of complex dental care for the good of their patients.
Managing partners, Dr Paul Averley and Dr Ian Lane, at Queensway Dental Clinic in Billingham together with partners Dr Uzma Olbrich and Dr William Carter, have now returned from Seattle following their studies at the renowned Kois Centre.

This exclusive course is only available in one location worldwide and currently has a year-long waiting list.
The course uses modern teaching facilities including computer animation and live video demonstrations.

Moreover, the Kois Centre offers a nine course curriculum involving aesthetic, occlusion and restorative dentistry and this trip marks the start of an on-going training programme.
Dr Ian Lane said: ‘The course was extremely beneficial – invaluable really – teaching us an extensive range of new techniques and practices in dentistry.

The biggest benefit was improving our knowledge and understanding of how best to manage more complex dental cases for those patients with higher need and risk factors.

‘This will allow us to diagnose patients’ problems earlier and identify those patients who are at risk of dental diseases for various reasons. Patients are already starting to benefit from our investment in continuous education, and we look forward to them benefiting further in the future.’
Dr William Carter said: ‘At Queensway, we want to deliver the very best standard of care by maintaining patients’ own health for longer, letting them know as soon as possible when their health may be at risk and putting action plans in place to minimise any risk as quickly as we can. Dentistry should not be viewed in terms of drilling and filling because by that time the damage has already been done.

‘There is always more for us to learn in dentistry, which we can pass on to our patients and the Kois course incorporates the latest scientific developments and evidence to be able to do this. We have always been passionate about our patients’ health and by investing in on-going learning, including the Kois course, we are able to maintain the very highest standards of care while remaining at the forefront of the industry.’

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