Patients ‘happy to ask dentist about treatment’

A snapshot survey carried out by the Dental Complaints Service (DCS) has revealed insights into the way patients view their dental professionals.

Staff from the Service, which helps resolve complaints about private treatment, were at the show to remind patients that the first step if a problem arises is to talk to their dental professional.

Nearly 500 people took part in the short survey over the four days of the show and of that number there was a fairly even split between NHS (49.8%) and private dental patients (40.8%).

Although just under a quarter (23.5%) of the survey’s respondents said they have had problems with their dental treatment, DCS staff were encouraged that the vast majority (84%) said they would feel confident asking their dentist about their treatment.

Head of the DCS, Hazel Adams said: ‘Good communication between patients and professionals can make all the difference when problems arise.

‘We always advise patients to speak to their dental professional first to try and resolve any concerns, before seeking our help. I was pleased to see that of the people that took part in our survey, 77.5% said they would feel confident enough to speak to their dentists if they had a problem with their treatment.’

The DCS has a leaflet ‘Making a complaint about private dental care’ that helps guide people through the complaints process and can be ordered online at

There are 4 key principles to the work of the DCS, which is funded by the General Dental Council:

•    The service is free
•    It is independent of the NHS and the government
•    It will treat people fairly, whatever their background or circumstances
•    It does not take sides

For more details about the service and what it can help with log on to the website

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