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Structur 3 is the new, self-curing crown and bridge material for the quick fabrication of high-quality provisional crowns and bridges, as well as inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers, temporary posts and even long-term temporaries.

Structur 3 possesses excellent stability and aesthetic properties. Thanks to its 1:1 mixing system Structur 3 can be applied into the impression without mixing errors. The intra-oral setting time is only 45 seconds.

The temporary can then be effortlessly removed, being still slightly elastic. Structur 3 sets completely within just four minutes from commencement of mixing. After the inhibition layer has been removed with a cloth soaked in alcohol, the temporary immediately, and without needing to be polished, exhibits a tooth-like lustre.

Structur 3 is available in eight vita shades in the cartridge, and in four shades in the practicalQuick Mix syringe.
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