Prophylaxis system – an option for each step

DMG’s new Flairesse prophylaxis system offers the choice between paste, foam, gel or varnish, all containing xylitol and fluoride.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener, which reduces the cariogenicity of plaque because it prevents bacteria from adhering to tooth surfaces as a biofilm.

Clinical studies have proven its cariostatic and anticariogenic effect.

There is an option for each step – a prophylaxis paste to remove plaque and staining, a gel or foam for fluoridation, and a varnish for desensitising exposed dentine tubules. They are all available in mint and honeydew flavours and free of added sugar and known allergens. The foam and gel is also available in strawberry flavour.

DMG’s preventative range also includes Icon, its treatment for incipient caries and carious white spot lesions. It reinforces and stabilises demineralised enamel without the need for drilling or sacrificing healthy tooth structure. The total treatment time is about 15 minutes.

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