Local User Groups provide valuable education

Support is a valuable resource for dental practitioners and managers, and Software of Excellence’s regular Local User Groups (LUGs) are a perfect example of how the company seeks to maintain on-going practical customer service.


The 2012 series has already started and the latest was organised on behalf of the North East LUG and held in Gateshead in February.

Attended by over 20 team members from the locality, the meeting was led by dentist Martin Anderson of Wessington Way Dental Practice, who shared his experiences of the issues he is currently facing and what he is doing to address them.

Building on Martin’s personal insight into the challenges facing UK dentistry, Lee Harper and Richard Lee gave a thought-provoking introduction to the Best Practice Check Up – a unique, complimentary new service from SoE that analyses the performance of individual dental practices using the actual data contained in Exact.


Richard and Lee demonstrated how Best Practice Check Up can be used to benchmark performance and indicate areas for improvement.

LUGs always include some element of discussion on product updates and developments and provide a useful opportunity for those using the software every day to provide valuable customer feedback direct to the sales and support team at SoE.


In addition, participants are able to spend time with a member of SoE’s training team, who were on hand in Gateshead to provide a useful refresher discussion on some of the key system features.

Local User Groups are evening events held regularly at different locations around the country. Providing 2 hours CPD, these evenings offer an opportunity for practitioners and their teams to network and exchange ideas and experiences with other professionals.



The next scheduled LUG is at the Henry Schein Education Centre, Pacific Road, Pacific Business Park, Cardiff CF24 5HJ on 2nd May 2012. If you would like a Local User Group to be available in your area, or you would like further information or to register for the Cardiff event, please contact Natalie Emerick on 0845 345 5767 or email [email protected]

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