A ‘buy two, get one free’ special offer

Instrument Safe disinfectant is available on a ‘buy two, get one free’ offer until the end of April.

Instrument Safe is one product within the new range of Kemdent infection control products. It is available in a 1L dispensing unit and 5L and 10L refills.

Instrument Safe is a pre-sterilisation concentrate, which is aldehyde and phenol-free. It is an easy to dispense concentrate that is suitable for both thermo-labile and thermo-stable instruments.

Instrument Safe is recommended for use in an ultrasonic bath. It breaks down the enzymes left by blood and saliva which would inhibit sterilisation.

Instrument Safe can be diluted to different concentrations – 40ml of Instrument Safe makes a 1L, 4% concentration soak. This concentration kills harmful bacteria including HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV, vaccinia are tubercolocidal and hospitalism prophylaxis after 15 minutes of soaking. Instrument

Safe renders instruments safe from MRSA.


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