National Smile Month – get involved!

National Smile Month has taken on a whole new look in its 36th year.

Campaign organisers the British Dental Health Foundation have introduced the ‘Smiley’ alongside a new range of educational and promotional material to make the campaign the best on record.

The campaign is also heading into the high street with support from major brands and retailers including Listerine, Wrigley, Oral-B, Steradent, Argos, Aldi, Wilkinson, Lloyds Pharmacy, Denplan, Dencover, Bupa and SleepRight.  With many parts of the UK already facing drought conditions there is also a water saving message in partnership with SaveWaterSaveMoney in 2012.

The success of National Smile Month depends on thousands of individuals and organisations working together to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and organising events and activities, no matter how big or small.

Here are just a few simple ideas to get you started. If you need more, you can always visit


It’s easy to get your hands on our ‘Smileys’ and organise your very own ‘Smileathon’ – just visit You can register on a first come first serve basis for some free ones, or purchase a pack of ten for just £1.49.

Open days

Persuading your practice to open the doors to the public is always a great way of drumming up awareness. It may even generate some new business! The dental practice is a scary place for some, so make it as accessible as possible.

Tooth brush amnesty

You should have a good idea of your patient’s oral health, so why not encourage your patients to trade in their old toothbrush for a new one? Most people don’t change their toothbrush often enough and National Smile Month is an ideal time to remind people that old toothbrushes may damage gums and won’t clean teeth properly.

Talks and displays

Talks are always popular, especially in the local community. Schools are an excellent place to start. Another great alternative are displays in the practice waiting room. The more eye-catching, colourful and original the better!

Write a news release and smile for the camera

Take one ‘Smiley’, add one smiling member of the team, mix it with our press release template – available to download at

Take to the high street

Some of the best National Smile Month events take place outside. Take the team to the high street to raise awareness of oral health.

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