Group supports hygienists’ bid for direct access

Dental hygienists have formed a campaign group in order to influence the future of dental access to patients.

Key DCPs are hoping to galvanise fellow DH&Ts into influencing the future of their profession.

The Direct Access Action Group is campaigning for direct access to patients for dental hygienists and plans to keep colleagues in the loop as to what this will mean for the profession as well as for patients.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is currently re-examining whether the private and NHS dentistry markets are working well for patients‚ and this includes an investigation into how patients currently access dental care, including access to dental hygienists.

Elaine Tilling, Sarah Murray, Christina Chatfield, Margaret Ross, Amanda Gallie, Dave Bridges and Ann Gilbert have together formed the Direct Access Action Group in time for the release of the OFT’s report, due out at the start of April.

The group would like the help of all DH&Ts in collating evidence of their current perceptions of the direct access issue.

To take part, visit or follow DAActionGroup on Twitter or take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey hosted on Survey Monkey at

Alternatively, email [email protected]

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