ARR guidance notes now fit for purpose

The National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers (NASDAL) has played a key role in making sure dentists’ working in the NHS receive the correct pension entitlement.

New guidance notes to accompany the Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR) have been produced by the NHS Pensions Service (NHSPS) and they are clearer and more comprehensive as a result of co-operation between NHSPS and NASDAL.
The ARR was one of the new features resulting from the 2006 GDS contract.

It is sent out annually in April and must be returned by the end of May. Practices are required to fill in the report so the Primary Care Trust can determine the pensionable pay of all its dentists.
Problems were soon identified due to the lack of clear guidance and it’s estimated that the pensions of around 3,000 associate dentists were affected.

Both the British Dental Association and NASDAL made representations to the Pensions Agency and Business Services at Eastbourne.
David Paul, a chartered accountant and a member of the NASDAL superannuation committee, said that neither the Pension Regulations nor the original guidance notes were fit for purpose.
However, the Guidance notes for the ARR have now been amended and NASDAL has produced its own guidance, written by David, which can be found here:
Alan Suggett, chairman of the NASDAL superannuation committee, praised David Paul for his work on the guidance notes: ‘Few people understand the NHS superannuation scheme as well as David does. We are all very grateful to him for making the guidance notes fit for purpose and helping dentists safeguard their valuable NHS pensions.’

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