White talks for May!

The easing of the rules by the GDC now allows ‘dental hygienists and dental therapists can carry out tooth whitening on the prescription of a dentist, if they have the necessary additional skills’.

Although whitening is often considered as the entry level treatment for many patients, both hygienists and dental therapists must be able to show that they have undergone appropriate training in these techniques.

This course will give you the additional training you need to fulfil the GDC criteria and give you the confidence to carry out whitening procedures on your patients… with predictable results.

Course synopsis

• K2 Dental Seminars invites hygienists and therapists to learn how to carry out whitening, safely and predictably, from two of the most experienced clinicians in the field of whitening

• Having carried out thousands of whitening procedures between them, using various systems, they will share their wealth of knowledge and experience to give you an invaluable insight into the various whitening

techniques available

• This is one of the few courses offering full hands-on training in both home and power whitening treatments, as well as training in the art of making home

whitening trays

• You will be taken from consultation to completion of the whitening process including consent, shade taking, photography, taking impressions, making models and whitening trays

• This seminar conforms to the GDC criteria for 7 hours of verifiable continuing professional development

• At the end of this course you will be fully equipped to carry out both home and power whitening treatments.

The certificate programme

• Learn about the position of the GDC and defence unions

• Indications for whitening

• Science of teeth whitening

• Comparison of systems

• Diagnosis and treatment planning for successful bleaching

• Consent

• Safety of peroxide

• Home bleaching techniques and tray making

• Photography workshop

• Power beaching – demonstration and hands-on

• Legal considerations

• Management of sensitivity

• Marketing teeth whitening

Course dates

The next whitening course which will be on Saturday 12 May at [email protected] based at 38 Devonshire Street in London.

To register interest, go to www.k2dentalseminars.com.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 020 7386 5587

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