New app tracks down Harley Street dentists

It’s not easy selecting the right healthcare provider when you are surrounded by so much choice. We’re used to comparison sites for holidays or insurance with their corresponding smartphone applications (or ‘apps’), but for the first time ever it is now possible to search locations, compare skills and experience, and book appointments with over 5,000 of Harley Street’s medical practitioners.

New website launches this month alongside a revolutionary app created by Intuition Communications, the team behind the UK’s most successful private health online directory
The comprehensive site launches its free ‘app’ available for download on smartphones designed to help you search, compare and book providers in London’s Harley Street area ‘on the move’.

Designed and configured by Grapple, one of the UK’s leading web developers whose clients include BT, Xbox and T-Mobile, the service enables consumers to search across 5,000 specialist doctors, surgeons, dentists and other health professionals, as well as 400 clinics. Through both the website and app, users can make appointment requests which include special discounts on regular costs.
According to Intuition Communication Managing Director Keith Pollard: ‘Doctors and clinics taking part in the venture are required to guarantee a minimum 10% discount on first consultations, assessments, walk-in services and health screens. If a prospective patient is looking for a cosmetic dentist in London you can search, locate, compare and request an appointment through just a few clicks.

‘The ethos behind the service is to not only serve as a directory of medical practitioners in London but to help individuals make the right choice that most suits them – as well as being able to compare the skills and experience that they clearly have a right to see and evaluate. The information provided is continually being updated to ensure it is relevant and comprehensive in helping users make an informed decision.’
Keith Pollard describes why the service is appealing for the public.
‘Nowadays, consumers expect to be able to go online or use mobile apps to compare prices and book and order goods and services for everything from insurance to holidays. When it comes to healthcare, patients increasingly expect to be able to make informed choices about their treatment options through access to information and advice. Additionally they want the sites to be user-friendly, the information to be comprehensive, easy to understand and the services readily available.’
The service is also supported by the thousands of clinicians who have opted to be a part of it.

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