Dental payment plan company solves mystery

Denplan Launches ‘Mind the Gap’ App
Many practices have reported reduced profitability as a result of the recession and an increase in missed appointments. In response to this, Denplan has developed a unique online application – the ‘Mind the Gap App’.
How much your practice is losing in revenue due to missed appointments, holidays, illness etc can often be a mystery as most practices will be working a year or more ahead of their accounts. The Mind the Gap App not only calculates your practice’s daily income, but the revenue lost through these missed appointments – allowing the practice team to highlight patterns and find appropriate solutions.
Head of Marketing at Denplan, Richard Ward, said: “The new Mind the Gap App is Denplan’s latest innovation, designed to show dental teams just how much revenue they can lose from missed appointments each year and ways to combat this shortfall. “For example, 90% of payment plan patients attend check-ups every six months, compared with 53% of PFPI patients and PFPI patients are four times less likely to cancel an appointment[1] in the future given the current economic climate. So, if some patients are attending less often due to financial reasons, then you could consider offering a dental plan as a value alternative to help them budget.
“Not only does Denplan offer patients a way to plan for their dental care, it also provides guaranteed regular income to help guard against missed appointments, holidays, sickness,  and practice training days to increase profitability – so it’s win-win!”

Fore more information about the Denplan Mind the Gap App, please go to or contact your Denplan consultant.


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